The Renew Project aims to:


•    Increase community pride and image of North Central

•    Reduce vandalism

•    Improve support for victims of vandalism

This is achieved by:

1. Educating residents and property owners about property crimes and reporting process.

2. Engaging residents in taking pride in physical environment of neighbourhood through volunteer events.

3. Providing a service for victims of vandalism by removing or repairing damage by working with offenders and community volunteers.

Starting with designated blocks, Renew Project staff will connect with as many of the home owners and residents with the purpose of educating and engaging them about vandalism and community pride. The culmination  will be a work bee focusing on renewing the block followed by a community block party. Initially blocks containing community gardens will be targeted and subsequently blocks will be targeted based on requests from residents.

We anticipate holding 9 community workbees with a target of 50 participants for each event. Approximately 40 households on each block will benefit directly from each event

Secondly, Renew Project Staff will attend mediations for offenders of vandalism crimes in North Central representing the impact on the community. Then if the mediation results in offender agreeing to clean up and repair the damage the project staff will work with the offender.

Residents will be encouraged to request Renew Project staff and volunteers to help with reporting, and removing or covering up graffiti vandalism.

If you are a community member, or would simply like to get involved please contact us on 306-791-9888 for more information.

Click Renew Project Update to read more on the programs goals and process

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