Steak Night Fundraiser – May 7


Steak Night Promo

On May 7 help support North Central Community Association to deliver community programming by eating great food! Come enjoy the opportunity to connect with staff, board members and volunteers. Tickets available at the office 1264 Athol St on the second floor. For more information call 306-791-9888.

Digital Sign Launch


On behalf of the North Central Community Association we would like to invite you to the launch of our new social enterprise, the neighbourhood’s first community focused electronic billboard. The event will take place at Regina Performing Arts Centre 1077 Angus Street on Tuesday February 11th at 10:00 am.


North Central Community Association has developed a social enterprise strategy to support the residents, businesses and agencies that call North Central home. Combined with the association’s Community Connection newspaper, the electronic billboard will be another tool to drive information to the people who work and play in North Central.

In 2007 the association started a legacy campaign and began fundraising to develop a series of community billboards as a means to notify and engage the community. Today the first sign has become a reality. With our partners Canadian Digital Network we can provide a cost effective venue for local and national businesses to advertise. Proceeds from corporate advertising subsidize the operating costs of the venture so that schools, agencies, and churches can advertise for free.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses owned by nonprofit organizations, that are directly involved in the production and/or selling of goods and services for the blended purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims. Social enterprises are one more tool for nonprofits to use to meet their mission to contribute to healthy communities.” -Social Enterprise Council of Canada

For more information contact:

Rob Deglau, Community Relations


“Poverty is not caused because money does not come into the inner city, It is created because money does not stay in the inner city” – Author Unknown

Open House for Rob Deglau


Rob’s Open House Celebration March 28 2014 1:30 to 4:00 at the Albert-Scott Community Centre on 1264 Athol st, program at 2 PM. If you have stories or photos of Rob you would like to share please contact

We are sad to announce that Rob Deglau is stepping down as Executive Director of the North Central Community Association (NCCA). Rob has spent 8.5 years at the helm of the organisation and was active as a board member and volunteer since the early 90’s. Rob represented Ward 6 at City Hall for 3 terms starting in 1996.  Rob has been a determined advocate for North Central and Regina’s inner city. Our neighbourhood and NCCA would not have been the same without his hard work and dedication. To name just a few of the many initiatives Rob has had his hand: improving housing standards, our annual clean-ups, University of Regina’s Community Research Unit, improving transit services, employment training and gang exit programs, and North Central’s history project. Rob has always had an attitude of cooperation and an upbeat win-win mentality that has brought along many partners to work together for the betterment of North Central. There will be a Celebration of Rob’s contribution to the Association and North Central on March 28 2014 1:30 to 4:00. Rob will be continuing to work part-time with NCCA during the transition and sees himself staying involved in the community. Rob’s hoping to work on various other volunteer projects, considering returning to university, and maybe spend a little more time on his sailboat.

Michael Parker has been appointed as Interim Executive Director of NCCA. Michael has been working with the Community Association for two years now and has 9 years combined experience and education in youth and community development work in western Canada and internationally. Michael’s first involvement with NCCA was as a volunteer for the 2009 North Central Fallfest. Michael and his wife now call North Central their home and are actively involved volunteering at Regina Alternative Measures Program and Indian Metis Christian Fellowship.

Michael’s new email

Rob’s new email

Main office line: 306-791-9888

Renew in Review

Renew Work Bee in Progress

Renew Work Bee in Progress

Some of the highlights of the this year’s Renew project were engaging residents who had given up caring about their alleys which included reporting crime and observing traffic and garbage dumping in the alleys.  Renew staff were told on a few occasions from these residents that their sense of pride and care was renewed and they would now monitor the traffic in their alleys to try and keep it clean.  We had residents share that they felt we “were gifts from the creator” and “appeared like angels” as they were frustrated with their yards as they had no tools to cut the grass. We had many youth come and help with excitement and even had the youth go home and comment to a family friend of their parents that they did not want them over because they “would just mess the yard up all over again” which speaks volumes for the level of pride these children took in cleaning their yards/alley.  Those same children had a trampoline in their yard the very next day after the waist high weeds had been cut!

The whole purpose of the work bee clean ups was to engage residents and renew their sense of pride in their environment as well as renewing North Central in the bigger picture of things.  Residents from all walks of life came out to help and it allowed them to meet other neighbors as well as the youth.  We had a great partnership with Rainbow Youth Centre’s (RYC) Road to Employment youth who expressed to Renew Staff as well as to RYC staff how good about themselves they felt after a day of doing alley clean ups (see attached letter of support).  They came out almost every Wednesday all summer and many of the accomplishments Renew achieved can be directly attributed to their assistance as they worked hard and full of heart and spirit.

The City of Regina reported that they picked up an average of 50 hoppers per month which is their measurement with the older garbage truck.  Although in one alley alone the workers estimated it to be 30 hoppers and that it took them 3 days to clear all of the garbage and branches we piled.

In addition to the work bee clean ups, we also participated in graffiti cleaning blitzes which consisted of painting over graffiti and removing tags from garbage bins. The area from the 600-1400 blocks (tracks to Dewdney Avenue) and all the way between Albert and Elphinstone Streets were completed for garbage bins and graffiti removal.  Only a handful of blocks were completed on the other side of Elphinstone up to Lewvan Drive.

In these blitzes youth graffiti offenders, who will call J and E who came through the John Howard Society of Saskatchewan (JHSS), they had each worked 10 hours with the Renew Project doing alley clean ups.  When they had another set of hours to complete they requested to JHSS to work with the Renew Project specifically which the JHSS coordinator expressed gratitude and appreciation for the Renew Project staff as well as the impact it had on these youth.  In one blitz E and the coordinator were driving down an alley and he pointed out his tag which was quite old.  The coordinator had E knock on the home owner’s door to introduce himself as the offender who vandalized her property.  The lady was elderly and told the youth she had just painted over a tag when his appeared and she did not have the ability due to health or the funds to cover it again and so it sat there for over a year.  E apologized and offered to cover it up immediately for her.  He did and the lady expressed such a sincere appreciation for it.

These youth expressed a strong sentiment of remorse and understanding of the impact of their crimes.  The biggest level of awareness for these youth came from the moments of being in the alleys painting.  We would have all types of people approach us.  People would approach us, question what we were doing, thank us for our work, and even sometimes would lecture the youth on completing their hours by working hard.  Some of these people would also enquire about jobs doing what we were doing.  The youth offenders both expressed complete shock and humbleness to have so many different types of people thank them.  It was a matter of not being judged as well as breaking stereotypes to these youth and helped them see that even down and out people do not want their neighbourhood vandalized/abused. Conversations with these youth reflected their sense of awareness of the impact of their crimes to the victims as well as to the neighbourhood.

In addition to the work bee and the blitzes, Renew staff have been monitoring for re-tags.  We have had approximately 20 re-tags the entire summer out of the entire area of the 600-1400 blocks from Elphinstone to Albert Street.  Most of the re-tags were done by the same individual (s) as well. We would paint over the re-tags and as of today, there are only 9 re-tags remaining.  There are approximately 30 graffiti tags on non-white surfaces that we chose not to paint over due to using white paint only.

Process of the Renew Project:

The process started off with delivering an introduction flyer to residents of targeted blocks notifying of when Renew Project staff would return to conduct a survey and solicit volunteers for the work bee.  Renew Project staff would then return to conduct the survey and educate residents on the reporting process for graffiti as well as other NCCA programs. This was followed by conducting the work bee with community participation to pick up garbage, cover graffiti and perform minor yard work.  After the work bee, staff would host a BBQ to encourage community engagement and communication.

The Renew project would like to thank the following people for their donations and support:

City of Regina, Rainbow Youth Centre, John Howard Society of Saskatchewan, RAMP, B&B Small Engine Sales & Service Company, Wendy Dumalski, General Paint, Colorburst Paint, James Morberg and Wendy Grant, Regina Police Service, Aids Programs South Saskatchewan, Go Green, Student Summer Works Program, McDonalds, 5th Avenue Convenience Store, and Roberta Pelletier (for the AMAZING BANNOCK).  Most importantly, The Renew Project would like to thank all of the volunteers and especially the North Central Residents who came out and led by example in working towards a safer, cleaner community.  It is the volunteers that made the difference, and we are forever thankful for the time given!

Maxed Out!

Our Communications Coordinator Max finishes up his term with us this week and we wanted to give him the opportunity to share some of his thoughts and reflections on his time here with the NCCA. Take it away Max……

Hello to everyone who reads our blog! It’s really nice to know you’ve taken the time out of your day to keep in touch with what’s been going on here in North Central (and even nicer to know that you’re willing to read my ramblin’ rants.) I have thoroughly enjoyed working here for the very reason that it has been an experience unlike any I have ever had! Coming into this job I had plenty of ideas as to what communication and marketing should look like on paper but to be honest I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. What I got into was an experience I cherish and will never forget…

I was lucky enough to work with some of the best folks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Hard working, dedicated staff, volunteers and community members who are proud of where they live and willing to put in the effort to make each day better than the last. Make no mistake, it might not always be roses here but there is truly something inspiring about a community that dedicates itself to self improvement and looking forward towards a brighter future!

photo (3)


Life is different here in North Central, different than the big city life of Australia anyway! But there’s certainly nothing wrong with different. Different is great and I’ve spent my whole career trying to celebrate different, (so maybe this was all meant to be!) I hope we can all continue to share and celebrate the struggles, challenges, successes and stories that make this such a unique place to live, work and play in. It is these stories that allow us to move forward, to reflect and to build. Sharing who we are, what we know (and don’t know)  and what we want (while working together) is the best way to get things done!

 I truly believe that even in the short time I’ve been here (and as an outsider) I’ve seen some really positive strides and believe this community is in the midst of some exciting times! I look forward to visiting the North Central Community, as I know it still has many lessons to share with me.

There is always more to learn.




SCA donation builds brighter future

Today we were delighted and overwhelmed by the support of the Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA), who delivered a generous donation in lieu of our recent Transition to Trades program equipment robbery. SCA President, Mark Cooper (pictured with NCCA Director, Rob Deglau) visited us on behalf of Industry partners and members, awarding us with a donation of $5000 plus commitments of tool contributions to help replace the stolen tools.


We would like to take this moment to sincerely thank Mark, the SCA, and its partners for their commitment and support of the Transition to Trades program.

We are pleased to announce government approval to increase in our intake for the upcoming program semester.  We look forward to continuing to play our part in encouraging skills development both socially and professionally for our cities youth and overall prosperity for the greater Saskatchewan economy.

For media enquiries please contact:

Transition to Trades Director, Jane Gattinger on (306) 550 1202

President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association, Mark Cooper on (306) 527 6854



Culture Days Event Coming Sept 28th

Introducing an exciting kaleidoscope of perspectives! Creativity through arts, music, workshops, performance and more. Stay tuned for future announcement, details and line up which will be announced soon. To get involved simply get in touch and in the meantime should you like to learn a little more about the National movement that is ‘Culture Days’ look no further than this link!


Opportunities to build a new career

If you’re looking for an exciting and dynamic new challenge then our Transition to Trades program might have a career just for you! To read more about the program and its history click here, or read below for full descriptions on the current roles available. Please contact Transition to Trades Director, Jane Gattinger via email at to apply or for more information.

Life Skills Coach

 Duties  are to;       

  • Plan and schedule daily classroom discussion/activities for participants in areas such as: self-esteem, communication, conflict resolution, anger management, addictions, substance abuse, time mamagement money management, relationships, parenting, problem solving, values, goal setting, boundaries, work ethic, resumes, interview skills, job search, housing, tennants rights/responsibilities, couple communication job site tours and apprenticeships.
  • Assert a positive, professional leadership role with participants; emulating a high moral standard
  • Respectfully Hold students accountable for upholding policy and discussion guidelines
  • Assist Director in evaluations with students
  • Prepare accurate reports on the day to day activties and student progress/concerns
  • Assist with proposal writing/administration as needed


  • Be committed to the improvement of students lives and the betterment of the North Central and Inner City communities of Regina
  • A broad spectrum wealth of Life Skills knowledge in the above mentioned topics among others
  • Effective communication, presentation and facilitation skills
  • High moral standards/ integrity
  • Positive/Cooperative attitude/ professional and sincere
  • Ability to address concerning behaviors with students in a respectful supportive ways/ Non- judgemental
  • Personal stability and ability to lead a role modle life that students can aspire to
  • A basic understanding/comfort in working with First Nation’s Culture
  • Ability to keep students engaged & motivated in the project of the moment
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to hold students accountable for their behaviors
  • Criminal record check
  • A BA degree in the humanities and/or equivelent training/experience

Team Leader

Primary purpose

To oversee young multi cultural adults in the North Central area of Regina and assist them in their transition into construciton employment and trades by maintaining positive relationships with participants, holding then accountable for their choices, demonstrating/instructing construction through actual construction projects,and helping them rise to a successful employment standard of performance.


  • Assert a positive leadership role in a team environment
  • Work with participants on attendance, attitude, skill and work ethic
  • Repectfully address participant behavior/performance if not up to standard
  • Prepare basic reports on community work projects
  • Assist participants in resolving conflicts if or where needed
  • Work in cooperation with other program staff
  • Ongoing monitoring of work performance and progress
  • Report to the Director all updates, progress and concerns
  • Portray a positive Immage for the program and the community association


  • Able to connect with multi-cultural young adults (ages 18-30) in positive/supportive ways
  • Patient, non-judgemental, flexible, and positive attitude
  • Possess high moral standards and stability, so as to act as a positive role modle with students.
  • Possess effective communication and instruction skills
  • Capable of resolving conflicts
  • Able to present as professional with students and members of the community
  • Have excellent organization and time management skills
  • Have good physical stamina/ Able to present a standard for students to aspire to
  • Have knowledge of worksite and powertool function and safety
  • Ability to keep students safe on the job site
  • Have a practical knowledge of carpentry skils and a variety of construction projects.
  • Experience in Construction
  • Minimum of Grade 12, and/or post secondary education or equivelent experience in a related field
  • Hold a valid class five drivers licence
  • Criminal record check

Please note the application date for positions closes by August 19th, 5.00pm.

July-Aug-2-12 088

Renewing our Community Together

The North Central Community Association would like to thank you for your support!  We are very excited for the opportunity to work with the community of North Central to help increase community pride by working together towards a safer and cleaner community as a part of our Renew Project initiative.

We now have completed 6 work bees and we have had a total of 62 volunteers which includes 22 adult residents and 14 youth resident helpers! We also have had the Road To Employment folks come out and help us with a couple clean-ups. We have received very good feedback from the residents that come out to help us and there is a strong sense of pride flowing during our work day from all those that help.


Picture 151We also created a group called North Central’s Renew Project on Facebook where we will post our information.  Please join and share our group to have the most up to date information and notices.

We will be working with North Central residents on Saturday July 27th, 2013 in the shared alley of 800 Block Athol and Garnet Street from 10am – 4pm (weather permitting). We will end the day with a free BBQ to celebrate our hard work!

We are looking for volunteers to help do minor yard work and maintenance such as painting over graffiti, cutting lawns, trimming hedges and cleaning up garbage.  It would be a great opportunity for employees to educate North Central residents on their programs and service. We will meet in the alley at 9:45 am and will be working throughout the day if anyone wants to show up at a later time.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Renew Project staff at (306) 791-9888.  We hope to see you out there!









Who:  North Central Community Association’s Renew Project and North Central community volunteers

What: Minor yard maintenance, cleaning and graffiti covering

Where and When: 800 Block Garnet/Athol July 27 th (weather permitting) 10 am-4pm, BBQ to follow

Why:  Cleaning North Central to improve community pride for a safer and cleaner community



Grillin’ Justin Trudeau at Family Centre BBQ

Last Friday afternoon saw a rather special guest attend a friendly North Central backyard community BBQ. Arguably the second most famous celebrity ‘JT’, Justin Trudeau popped by to meet and greet friends and family within the community, grab a burger and share some inspiring thoughts regarding our neighbourhood and the future of this great country.

While there was no dancing or singing, JT did get stuck into some boxing with former Regina Mayor, Pat Fiacco which surely added to his appetite! Greeted by a throng of fans and curious onlookers, the leader of Canadian federal liberal party appeared at ease in his best casual friday attire (sandals included) amongst his new North Central friends.

Our PR guy Max got caught up in all the excitement and was lucky enough to have a brief meet and greet/photo opp with the charismatic opposition leader. As Canadian living in Australia for (almost) his entire life, Max knew little of Justin’s rise to power, save  a quick wikipedia visit/research assignment. Though his brush with the party leader and hearty, ‘happy snap’  embrace was brief, a starry eyed Max figures it went more than a little ways towards developing a new found interest in ‘Maple Flavoured’ politics.

See below to check out a couple of the pics from the day!

Thanks to the North Central Family Centre for putting on such a wonderful community event.

Max can't help but ruin a perfectly good photo opp!

Max can’t help but ruin a perfectly good photo opp!


Justin catches up with our own City Councillor Wade Murray


Everyone greets Justin upon arrival