Reports & Studies

Accessing Healthy Food Choices – June 2012 (Sask Trends Monitor) The purpose of the research was to describe, in quantitative terms, the kinds of access that Regina residents have to restaurants and grocery stores, that is, what kinds of facilities are within walking distance of their homes.

Go Green Evaluation 2011 – Go Green is a partnership between the City of Regina, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the North Central Community Association. This is a mutually beneficial partnership where residents of North Central are given the opportunity to attend a Roughriders home games and at the end of the game work to pick up the recyclables. Profits are then reinvested into the community through a mural program

Crime Free Multi Housing Final Report April 2011 – This report focuses on the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) program in Canada and the United States.  Research was preformed by the Community Research Unit through the Facilty of Arts, University of Regina and funded in by The Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG).

Circle Keeper Report Totten May 10 2011 – The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the evaluation activities for the Circle Keeper Program of the Regina Anti-Gang Services Project for the period of December 2010 – March 2011.

Final Evaluation Report for Regina Anti Gang Services (RAGS) – March 24, 2011 – by Dr. Mark Totten and Sharon Dunn for Government of Canada’s Youth Gang Prevention Fund. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the evaluation activities for the Regina Anti-Gang Services Project for the period of March 2008 – January 2011. The RAGS Project is a unique initiative for gang-involved Aboriginal youth and young adults aged 16 – 30 years living in the North Central neighbourhood of Regina. It is the only Canadian project of its kind. The program engages clients in intensive daily services aimed at reducing their involvement in gang life and facilitating their exit from gangs.

Housing Support Coordinator Position PaperMarch 2009

North Central Community Legacy Study – April 15, 2009 – The objective of the Study was to identify key considerations for planning in North Central, in light of the proposed North Central Shared Facility, a multi-million dollar project which will centralize state-of-the-art teaching facilities, health care, day care, correctional services, and other community services. The Study also seeks to identify initiatives, neighbourhood improvements, and urban design guidelines that will support the success of the Shared Facility, thereby supporting the future transformation of the neighbourhood as a whole.

Submission to City Council on Enforcement of Housing StandardsAugust 13, 2008

Community Economic Development Consultation ProcessMarch 26, 2008 – “Moving Forward Together” – Building a stronger, more vibrant network of Community Economic Development (CED) support across Regina.

Dewndey Pool Art ProjectSummer 2008

Urban Labour Ready Report April 2008 For a variety of reasons, some North Central residents have difficulties maintaining regular employment. Skill and education levels may be low and most often these individuals do not last long in a traditional work situation. By conducting communitybased focus group sessions, we have determined the type of labour ready initiative that Inner City residents are interested in being involved in that provides supports they feel are necessary to make it viable for them as individuals to join the labour force.

Community Forum on HousingNovember 2007 – a facilitated community workshop was held as part of the on ongoing work conducted by the association on improving rental housing conditions. The outcomes of the workshop participants ranked the top five solutions/ideas as follows: the most popular solution was licensing landlords, followed by #2. increasing housing rates, #3. more by law enforcement, #4 support services for tenants, and #5 more social housing

Presentation to Landlords on Rental Housing IssuesMarch 2007

Inner City Tenants SurveyMarch 2007 – The association conducted an Inner City Tenants Survey (North Central, Eastview, and Core) to determine the characteristics of the renters, their knowledge of rights and responsibiltiies, and barriers to rental and ownership. The survey was also used as a tool to share information and dispell myths about rental and owner rights and responsibilities.

Rental Housing SummaryJanuary 2007 – The purpose of this document is to aid in developing consensus on solutions to improving rental housing in Regina, and ultimately the City of Regina as a means to address the issues of substandard rental housing.

Outcomes Report on Gang ForumDecember 2006

North Central Community Profile 2006

Addressing Drugs in Regina – Best Practice GuideJune 2006 – Best Practices on Collaborative Partnerships from the Regina and Area Drug Strategy.

Community Grocery Store Study 2006March 2006 – CS&R ASSOCIATES was contracted by Ehrlo Community Services to assess the feasibility of establishing and operating a community grocery store within North Central Regina.

Community Leaders Forum on Gang ViolenceDecember 2006

RICCP Report CardDecember 2005

An Employment Development Strategy for Inner City Regina by Garvin & AssociatesSummer 2005 – This research was designed to explore the employment development needs of the inner-city population, to document the requirements of locally-based employers and to generate recommendations for future action. The results of this research will be incorporated into an Employment Development Strategy (EDS) for inner-city Regina.

Research Report on Rental Housing RegulationsJuly 2005 – An extensive review of housing regulations throughout North America. The report found 6 strategies that were used to oversee the rental housing industry. Rental Unit Licensing, Landlord Licensing, Rental Registries and Public Disclosure, Complaint Systems and Rent Withholding, Landlord Training Programs and Certifications, Public Disclosure of Code Offenders.

RQHR Primary Health Care Plan for North Central ReginaJune 2005 – A Community Consultation Committee composed of residents, service providers and health care professionals worked together over several months to create a vision and strategies for Primary Health Care in North Central. This report is a plan for a primary health care central site in Regina’s North Central neighbourhood.

2nd Generation CPTED – The Case of North Central, Breaking Down the Barriers – Proceedings of the 9th Annual International CPTED conference, September 2004.

CPTED Implementation Plan – September 20, 2004 – Regina Crime Prevention Commission File 0500-CPC. CPTED First Generation Implementation Plan.

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) ReportFebruary 15, 2004 – The North Central Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) project was a a partnership with the City of Regina, the North Central Community Association, the Public School Board, Regina Police Service, and North Central residents. The project collected data in two ways. Safety audits, designed much like surveys, provided quantitative data for streets, parks and alleys. These were completed by about 40 residents – a thorough mix by age, gender and ethnicity – who volunteered for the CPTED process. Additional data was included from focus group discussions with the auditors, data on service calls to the city, and City of Regina police statistics on “hot spots” in the area.

RICCP – EDS (Employment Development Strategy) Terms of Reference 

RICCP (Regina Inner City Community Partnership) Terms of ReferenceJanuary 18, 2004

Regina and Area Drug Strategy ReportJune 2003

Regina North Central Community Vision and Action Plan ReportMay 2003 – By Jeremy Parnes

Housing Standard Enforcement TeamJune 16, 2004 – City of Regina report on the creation of the Housing Standards Enforcement Team, in association with a proactive Operation Plan, will focus on enforcing applicable housing regulations.

North Central Community Profile2001

The Future of Housing in Regina – Laying the Groundwork – City of Regina, July 2000 – The Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Housing was established by Mayor Doug Archer in February 2000 with a mandate to:

  • Enhance housing in Regina in four key areas – suburban housing, downtown housing, inner city and social housing, and student housing;
  • Assist in establishing a healthy housing market which facilitates the full spectrum of housing needs within the community; and
  • Address outstanding referrals from City Council and committees of City Council pertaining to housing.

North Central Community ConsultationJuly 27, 1998

Community Action Plan – Towards 2000January 1997 – A community action plan for the North Central Community Society (Association), developed January 1997 and facilitated by Haskins & Associates Ltd.

North Central Innercity SymposiumDecember 5, 1994

North Central Community Profile1991