Renew North Central Season Begins!

Tired of North Central’s messy alleys? Would you like to volunteer for a day to help clean it up?

Last year the Renew Project cleaned up alleys in North Central and covered a majority of the graffiti in the neighbourhood with the help of Gentle Road Church!

Now we are looking to build upon the success of last year.

Renew will be hosting events throughout the summer of 2017 to clean up targeted alleys in North Central. Clean ups include garbage pick-up, covering graffiti and minor yard work. After the event the Renew staff will host a BBQ for all the volunteers in the event. Volunteers are needed for each event to ensure a successful summer with renewing the community. Volunteers like you help make it possible to work together to build a safer and cleaner community. We greatly appreciate the time and commitment that this community has to offer. Please contact our office at (306) 791-9888 or email or with your questions or any concerns you may have.