Community Planning

Community Action Plan, 2017

The North Central Community Association (NCCA) is placing people at the forefront of the planning process by taking the initiative to bring community members and stakeholders to develop a cohesive and comprehensive Community Plan for the North Central neighbourhood. Prairie Wild Consulting Co, a comprehensive planning firm, has been contracted to assist us in the development of the Community Plan.

Community planning is a participatory process where community members and stakeholders are engaged in an interactive way to inform goals, objectives, actions, and policy to shape and work towards the community’s shared vision. Through this process, the NCCA hopes to bring people together to identify opportunities for future growth and development in the community.

The outcomes of the process include:

  • A clear direction for the future of the North Central neighbourhood;
  • Built capacity within the community;
  • Defined actions to work towards broader goals; and,
  • Comprehensive policies to ensure the implementation of the North Central Community Plan.

If you have any questions or comments about this Community Action Plan, or the process overall, please contact Michael Parker at

Thank you for your contribution to the North Central community planning process!

Read or download the NCCA – Community Action Plan – June 12, 2017 Web (note – this is a large document, 93 pages in length)
Read or download the NCCA – Recap – Feature Summary Report – June 12, 2017 – Web (executive summary, 20 pages).