North Central Shared Facility

Learning Across the Community

Fielding Nair International Architects and change agents for creative learning communities

About the Concept for Learning

  • We all learn differently, and we learn all the time
  • We learn through apprenticeship
  • We learn through projects that engage our personal passions
  • We learn though a connection to our culture and place
  • We learn from daily interactions with the community organizations and businesses in our neighbourhood

Service Transformation

  • Integrated services, sharing space, governance, and learning programs
  • The “it takes a village” concept of learning applied to buildings
  • Building and Neighbourhood Concepts
  • Nurturing a neighbourhood learning network
  • Design patterns for interdisciplinary learning and service

Community Voices

  • Comments from people living and working in North Central
  • A platform for your feedback now

Download Fielding and Learning Across the Community Report.

Over 25 groups gave feedback at a Learning Cafe held at the Albert Scott Recreation Centre on May 28, 2008. Read the concerns and comments from residents, school alumni, and students on what the future should bring.
Learning Cafe Table Notes.October 4th, 2008 the North Central Shared Facility hosted a design festival, community gathering and feast in order to share the latest developments in the project. The following Design Options Booklet was made available to all who participated. If you would like to give feedback, follow the link to the North Central Shared facility website at: