Hire A Neighbour


We’re maintaining an inventory of our neighbours’ skills! We want to match those who are ready & willing to work within their areas of expertise (carpentry, clerical, housekeeping, electrical, painting, sewing, yard work, etc.) to their neighbours who need that help. Hire A Neighbour is now filling requested work orders.

For more information about intake of workers and work orders, please contact North Central at 791-9888 or nccaadmin@sasktel.net.

What a great opportunity for NC residents to work and get help within their neighbourhood for a modest cost!

Are there any odd jobs you could use help with around the house? Housekeeping? Lawn Mowing? Painting or general yard maintenance? Please call North Central Community Association and ask about the Hire A Neighbour program at 791-9888.

Affordable rates!

Looking for extra money? Do you have skills in carpentry? Plumbing? Electrical? We have residents who are in need of these services. Give us a call and let’s see if we can get you some part-time work. Contact the Hire A Neighbour program at 791-9888.