Ways to Get Involved

North Central Community Association – How Does it all Work??

North Central Residents

  • attend community events, participate in community programs, attend local churches & gathering places at which time they state the issues that affect them and their community.

Community Association – in conjunction with the community, took those concerns and:

  • developed a community Vision and Action Plan;
  • participated in a community-wide Crime Prevention Audit;
  • engaged the community through committees, events & interviews for updates.

North Central Board Members

  • are elected by the residents of the community at an annual general meeting.

Sub-Committees of the Association

  • Executive Committee – oversees the business of the board.
  • Audit Committee – reviews the financial workings of the organization.
  • Albert Library – a self-sustainable committee of NCCA that oversees and manages the community library. One of the first locally-run libraries in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Together Now Inter-Agency Forum – over 30 agencies working in North Central to share ideas and resources; meets 4 times a year throughout the community.