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April 2014 -INSIDE- P1 Farewell Rob Deglau, Mr. North Central P2 Community Voices P3 North Central Digital Sign P4 Valentines Vigil More Tributes for Mr. North Central P5 Chili Cook Off Winners! Fire Pit Safety P6 Sacred Heart Community School P7 Scott Collegiate More Tributes for Mr. North Central 

P8 All Hail Volunteers NCCA Community Meeting P9  Community Health P10 Central Zone Soccer Community Calendar
P11 NCCC News P12 North Central Family Centre

February 2014 – INSIDE- P2 Tribute to Ivan Amichand,P3 RAMP News, P4 Changes at NCCA,Valentines Vigil, P5 Wascana Community School, P6 Sacred Heart Community School, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Storytelling Month, Help Portrait Regina, P9 Community Health, P10 Chili Cook Off, Community Calendar, P11 NCCC News, P12 Mother Teresa Middle School


December 2013 – INSIDE – P1 Slingshot Residential, P2 Wascana Community School, P3 RAMP News, P4 Renew in Review, P5 A Community in Mourning, P6 Kitchener Community School, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Arts, History & Culture News, Changes Restaurant, P9 Log House Thrift Store, Community 4 Connections, P10 Community CleanUp Thanks!, Community Calendar, P11 Advertise with NCCC, P12 Albert Community School

October 2013 – INSIDE – P1 North Central celebrates Culture Days, P2 Albert Library centennial, P3 RAMP news, P4 Community Interest, P5 RHS Animal Well-Fair, P6 North Central Shared Facility, P7 Scott Collegiate P8 Arts, History & Culture news, P9 NC Health Fair / Influenza, It’s Serious, P10 Renew NC Town Hall Mtg / Community Clean Up / Calendar, P11 Thanks from Transition to Trades, P12 Let’s Wipe Out Graffiti!

August 2013 – INSIDE – P1 Renew – Working towards a safer, cleaner community, P2 NC Artist Mervin Dieter, P3 Prairie Meadow Health Centre, Christmas in July, P4 Transition to Trades, P5 Care & Share, P6 Beautiful North Central, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Mission 6:10 Mural, Arts, History & Culture News, P9 SEARCH, NC Health Fair & BBQ, Foot Care Services, P10 Letter to the Editor, Community Calendar, P11 NCCA’s Board News, P12 Back to School Reg, Catholic School Board

June 2013 – INSIDE – P1 NC Family Centre Clean for the Cup,P2 Tatanka Boutique, P3 Garbage Everywhere,P4 Blue Bin Blues / Graffiti Begone!,P5 NC Community Volunteer Awards / Mosaic Co. Supports REACH,P6 Sacred Heart School,P7 Scott Collegiate,P8 ANHTA Concert / Arts, History & Culture News,P 9 SEARCH / Foot Care Services,P10 Community Calendar,P11 NCCA’s Vision & Mission / NCCA AGM JUNE 17,P12 Chimatawa Family Youth

April 2013

– INSIDE – P2 Valentines Day Vigil, P3 NC Volunteer Awards, P4 Regina Early Years, Family Centre, Aboriginal Grandmothers, P5 Project People thanks, Regina Rotary, Regina UAS, P6 Traditional Grandmothers, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 ANHTA, Mackenzie Art Gallery Outreach, P9 Foot Care Services, P10 Chili Cook Off 2013, Community Calendar, P11 NCCA’s Vision & Mission, Srs Home Security Program, P12 Transitions to Trades Grad

February 2013 – INSIDE – P2 Early Childhood Literacy at Albert Branch, P3 RAMP Newsletter Page, P4 Missing From North Central, P5 Greystone Bereavement Centre, P6 Mother Teresa Middle School, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Help-Portrait, Regina Transitions to Trades Needs You, P9 SEARCH Calendar, Foot Care Services, P10 Editorial—Shovel it Up!, Community Calendar, P11 Chili Cook Off 2013, P12 North Central Shared Facility, We Need A Name!


December 2012 – INSIDE – P 1   Conversation with Regina Mayor Fougere, Q & A with Wade Murray, Ward 6 City Councillor, P2   Dan Lindsay of APSS, P3 RAMP Newsletter,  P4 Community 4Connections, P5 Jim Sinclair Obit, NC Lakers’ Kaine Cyr, P6 CREATE, Newo Yotina News, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Kids Music Program, P9 SEARCH Calendar, Foot Care Services, P10 Community Calendar, P11   Community Cleanup Thanks, P12 Stops to Violence

October 2012INSIDE -P2 NCCA Questions Ward 6 Candidates, P4 Regina Votes Oct. 24, P5 Community Gardens, Project People, P6 NC Murals, Foodie Rules , P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Volunteer Awards, P9 SEARCH Calendar, Foot Care Services, P10 Community Calendar, P11 The North Central Way, P12 A Safe Trick or Treat, RHS Animal Well-Fair

August 2012 – INSIDE P2 Community Voices: RFPS & Community Safe Coalition, P3 RAMP Newsletter, P4 Habitat Build, Christmas in July, P5 NCFC Makeover, School Report Card, P6 Beautiful North Central, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 MAG Art Classes, Film projects in NC, P9 REACH Calendar, P10 Community Calendar, P11 NCCA AGM summary, P12 National Aboriginal Day Celebrated in NC

June 2012 – INSIDE The Greening of North Central Regina, P2 Community Voices: NC Family Centre’s Sandy Wankel, P3 Wheels of Good Fortune – RPS Bike Patrol, P4 Habitat Build; Community Common Sense, P5 What is Baby Wearing?; NCCA Staff Stuff, P6 Aboriginal Grandmothers Caring for Grandchildren; NC Volunteer Awards, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 What is Art? Report, P9 North Central Youth, P10 Community Calendar, P11 President’s Message NCCA AGM, P12 Ngoy Hoa Asian Grocers

April 2012 – INSIDE North Central Regina History Project & Website Launch, Community Voices – Angel Square, RAMP Newsletter Page, It’s Tax Season Again; It’s Garage Sale Season Again, Pasqua St. & 7th Ave. Park; School Report Card, Mother Teresa Middle School, Scott Collegiate Newsletter Page, Art Cares; North Central Murals, North Central Shared Facility Newsletter Page, Community Calendar, Chili Cook off Champs, Go Green!

February 2012 – INSIDE P1 Blind Spot: What Happened to Canada’s Aboriginal Fathers? P2 Community Voices: Lamb’s Boxing, P3 Regina Alternative Measures Program Newsletter page, P4 Blind Spot, cont’d / Veggie Beds to People Beds, P5 Cold Weather Pet Care / School Report Card, P6 Valentine’s Day Vigil, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Hero Jason Bird / We Are Helpers Foundation, P9 SEARCH Calendar, P10 Letter to the Editor / Community Calendar, P11 Chili Cook Off, P12 Happy 15th Anniversary Four D!


December 2011 – INSIDE: P1 A Gift to the Community – Regina & Area Support Services (RASS), P2 Community Voices: The Métis Nation, P3 Pasqua & 7th Ave. Park redevelopment, P4 Protect your Vehicle from Auto Crime, P5 Project People / NCCA  Office People, P6 Harm Reduction – Injection Drug Use, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Hero George Mullin, P9 SEARCH Calendar, P10 Community Calendar, P11 Hire A Neighbour, P12 Community Clean up!

October 2011 – INSIDE: P1 Regina’s Krishna Temple in NC, P2 Community Voices – AIDS Walk for Life, Regina, P3 Regina Alternative Measures Program Newsletter Page, P4 Diabetes & Healthy Recipes, Girl Guides in North Central, P5 Community 4 Connection, School Report Card, P6 NC Shared Facility, UAS Family Fun Day, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Hero Jacqui Shumiatcher, P9 SEARCH Calendar, P10 Community Calendar, P11 Community Clean up, P12 Regina Humane Society Well-Fair

August 2011 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices: Transition to Trades, P3 Regina Alt Measures Program Newsletter page, P4 Community Interest, P5 Christmas in July, School Report Card, P6 Beautiful North Central, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Arts, History, Culture, P9 SEARCH Calendar, Regina Language Circle, P10 Community Calendar, In Memoriam, P11 NCCA AGM Report

June 2011 – INSIDE: Honouring our Neighbours Issue P1 Remembering a Leader – Mr. Allan Blakeney, P2 Community Voices: SWAPping Lifestyles, P3 NC Youth Programs Blossom, P4 Dear Auntie, P5 Community Gardens; Volunteer Fun Day, P6 North Central Shared Facility, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Arts, History, Culture, P9 SEARCH Calendar, P10 Community Calendar; In Memoriam, P12 Go Green

April 2011 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, P3 Bed Bugs, P4 Dear Auntie, School Report Card, P5 Community Gardens, Enbridge Gives!, P6 North Central Shared Facility, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Arts, History, Culture, P9 SEARCH Calendar, NC Heroes & Leaders, P10 Community Calendar, P12 Graffiti Prevention

February 2011 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices – Project People, P3 All Nations Hope/AIDS Network, P4 Dear Auntie / Welfare Rights Centre / School Report Card, P5 Life Skills Graduation, P6 North Central Shared Facility, P7 Scott Collegiate, P9 SEARCH Calendars, P10 Community Calendar, P12 Graffiti Prevention


December 2010 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, P3 Souls Harbour, P4 Dear Auntie, Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry, P5 REACH Store, Ray Van Dusen receives International Award, P6 North Central Shared Facility, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC Community Gift Giving, P10 Letters to the Editor, Community Calendar, P11 Seeking Funds Cancer Victim

October 2010 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, P3 NC Gardens Update-Welfare Rights Housing Registry, P4 Dear Auntie, School Report Cards, P5 Regina Realtors & NC Youth, Newo Yotina Friendship Centre, P6 North Central Shared Facility, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 North Central Portraits, NC History Project, P10 Letters to the Editor, Community Calendar, P12 Go Green Murals

August 2010 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, Trash Talk, P3 NC Annual General Meeting, Atoskata, P4 Dear Auntie, Horse Sense, P5 Regina Realtors & NC Youth, Graffiti Guardians, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 NC History Project, Community Cleanup Thanks, P9 SEEDS – The Album, Noble Snapshots of NC, P10 Diabetes Education, Community Calendar, P12 Beautiful NC Contest Winner

June 2010 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, P3 RAGS 2 Riches, P4 Community Volunteer Forum, P5 Reg. Alternative Measures, Transition to Trades, P6 Beautiful NC Contest, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Dear Auntie, North Central History Project, P10 Community Calendar, P12 Noble Snapshots of NC

April 2010 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, P3 Lifestyle Cabinet Outlet, SEARCH Grand Opening, P4 Dear Auntie, Tomorrow’s Y’s Leaders, P5 Art Cares Week, Circle Project’s Trad. Parenting, P6 Rights & Responsibilities of Young Workers, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Public School News, Community Gardens, P10 Community Calendar, P12 Noble Snapshots of NC, Sepak Takraw

February 2010 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, Dream Brokers, P3 All Nations Healin’ thru Artz, P4 Dear Auntie, SEARCH, P5 Intercultural G’mothers Uniting, Traditional G’mothers Guidance, P6 Canada 2010 Moment Festival, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Public School News, Community Gardens, P10 Community Calendar, P12 Noble Snapshots of NC, NC Wish List


December 2009 – INSIDE: P2 Community Voices, Freedom writers, P3 Welfare Rights Centre, Introducing SEARCH, P4 Coping with the Holiday Season, P5 Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, P6 CREATE, P8 Optimist Essay Contest, Homelessness Info Network, P10 Community Calendar, P12 Angels 4 Warmth, Four Winds Café

October 2009 – INSIDE: P2 NCCA Board Questions for Ward 6 Candidates, P3 Civic Election, Voter Information, P4 Community Voices: NC Heroes, P5 More NC Heroes/Street Invaders, P6 Building a New Life, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Stella’s Story/Fall Fest Photos, P9 Photo Montage of Colourful North Central, P10 NC Kids Music Program, P11 NC Health Nurse/Healthy Feet, P12 Chili for Children/More Heroes, P14 Community Gardens Update, Community Calendar

August 2009 – INSIDE: P2 Construction in North Central, Graffiti Removal, P3 Go Green in Full Swing/ Art Class Mural on Dewdney, P4 Community Voices: Shared Facility, P5 Ron Lawson/Community Cleanup, P6 Atoskata/Homelessness/To be Afraid, P7 Scott Collegiate, P9 Beautiful NC!/ Smudge Walk, P10 Sharing Language/ NCCA History Project, P11 Beat Diabetes, P12 Freedom writers, Cree Crossword, P14 Community Gardens Update, Community Calendar

June 2009 – INSIDE: P2 Rising Cost of Healthy Choices, P3 Keep Graffiti Out, New Funds for Habitat, P4 Nurturing Ourselves, P5 Food Security, P6 REACH, P7 Scott Collegiate, P8 Regina Photo Voice, P10 Summer Youth Program, P11 So you want to Adopt a Pet?, P12 Recipes, P16 NCCA- AGM

April 2009 – INSIDE: P2 Homelessness, P3 Responses to Homelessness, P4 Habitat for Humanity, P5 Regina Police Service, Extended Transit Service, New Resource & Support, P6 Housing Resources, P7 Regina Humane Society, P8-9 Scott Photojournalism, P10 Albert Library, P12 Angels for Warmth, Care & Share, P13 Scott Hip Hop Project, P14 Chili Cook Off, Community Calendar, P15 Community Page

February 2009 – INSIDE: P2 Surviving a Sask Winter, P3 Caring for NC’s Stray Cats, Social Change through Art, P4 Standing Strong-One Resident’s Story, Job Opportunity, P5 Grand Opening of Primary Health Clinic, Dream Team wants You, P6 Community Calendar, P7 Cree Land Mini Mart, P8 Community Garden Update


December 2008 – INSIDE: P2 Remembering, P3 HIV in Regina, P5 Save energy and money this winter, P7 Destruction, P8-10 What’s on

October 2008 – INSIDE: P2 Rental housing issues, P3 Time to Vote, P6 Painting Projects, P8 Youth visit, help out

August 2008 – INSIDE: P2 The Last Fans to Leave, P4 Girl at Risk, P6 Memories, Traditions, Pride, P10 Entertainment

Summer 2008 – INSIDE: P2 Changing the World, P4 Facing the Criticism, P6 Our World, Our Style, P10 Entertainment

Spring 2008 – INSIDE: P3 Sweat it out at Regina’s newest sweat lodge, P3 How’s your Cree doing? P4 North Central’s secret ingredient: The R Healthy Food Store, P4 Rent a house? Answers to some FAQs, P4 Get schooled at the NCFC, P5 Police beef up North Central presence, P7 Community Calendar, P8 Dinner Theatre Scott Style


Winter 2007 – INSIDE: P2 From the President, P3 Go Green gets Grey Cup, P4 A Heads up on Housing, P5 Gangbusters, P6 Announcements, P7 Community Calendar

Fall 2007 – INSIDE: P2 From the President, P2 My Story, P3 Go Green Program, P4 Community Gardens Grow Community, P5 Computers for Kids, P6 World Largest Tomato, P7 My Community Calendar

Summer 2007 – INSIDE: P2 From the President,P2 When All Else Falls, The Poor, P3 Needle Exchange Program, P4 Peyakowak Elementary Achievement Awards, P5 Computer for Kids, P6 Bike Licensing, P7 My Community Calendar

Spring 2007 – INSIDE: P2 From the President, P3 Income Tax, P5 North Central Landlords, P6 Albert Library, P8 Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, P9 New Face in NCCA, P11 Community Calendar, P12 Health Region


Winter 2006 – INSIDE: P2 Rental Housing, P3 30th Anniversary, P4 Hire a Neighbour, P5 Computers for Kids, P5 Family Christmas Fun Day, P6 Rental Housing (cont), P6 Youth Employment Program, P7 My Community Calendar

Fall 2006 – INSIDE: P3 Fall Community Cleanup, P3 N.C. Bouquet, P4 Hire a Neighbour, P4 Thanks Bayer Crop Science, P5 Care & Share, P6 Thanks to Rotary, P7 Monday Night Football

Summer 2006 – INSIDE: P3 How Does It All Work? P4 Gov. Gen’l Visits N.C., P5 N.C. Bouquet, P6 National Aboriginal Day June 21, P7 Ehrlo Sports Leagues, P8 Alley Artwork, P9 N.C. Bike Licensing Program, P11 N.C. Hire Your Neighbour, P11 MLA Report

Spring 2006 – INSIDE: P2 From the President, P3 From the Co-ordinator, P4 RICCP Update, P5 NC Employment Grads, P6 Notice of AGM/Income Tax, P7 Sergeant’s Desk/NC Cleanup, P8 Health Care News, P9 MP Report, P10 Ward 6 Report, P11 MLA Report